Dynamics of the policy network in the aspect of global crisis phenomena (on the example of NATO)

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Introduction. A peculiarity of modern political reality is the interconnectedness of the processes of globalization and fragmentation in the world. In a new emerging paradigm of international relations, policy networks come to the fore. These are the network structures for managing public affairs, uniting a variety of political actors. The relevance of the study is due to the need for an objective evaluation of the development of the policy network in the context of global changes as well as forecasting potential threats in the field of international security. The aim of the work is to examine the dynamics of the policy network in the context of global crisis phenomena, using the example of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


Network theory, policy network, crisis phenomena, globalization, fragmentation, pandemic, nato, csto

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IDR: 149144489   |   DOI: 10.15688/jvolsu4.2023.5.13

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