Physiological features and qualitative characteristics of functional fitness of athletes specializing in track and field all-around, interested in the implementation of specific types of motor skills

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Nowadays the considerable growth of training and competitive tensions in top sport updates to a considerable extent the problem of effective adaptation of athletes to physical exercise and increase of the level of their functional training [2, 3, 5]. The purpose of this study was to find out the level of various components and their qualitative characteristics, their role in ensuring a stable level of functional capabilities, depending on the degree of adaptation of the body to specific types of motor skills in qualified athletes specializing in track and field all-around. To achieve this goal in the study, we consistently discussed a series of tasks which helped to determine the structure and level of development of basic components of functional training, the level of qualitative characteristics of the functioning of the body, the degree of influence of various parameters of functionality to the manifestation of physical performance in athletes of different qualification, specialized in track and field all-around.


Track and field all-around, functional readiness, adaptability, specific motor skills

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