Formation of a motor image in the process of teaching combat techniques to cadets and trainees universities

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Relevance. The low level of psychophysical readiness of police officers leads to the fact that technical and tactical mistakes are made white on duty during a violent confrontation with offenders, which greatly increases the likelihood of injuries, injuries, and deaths not only of police officers themselves, but also of civilians. In this regard, there is an urgent need to find the most rational methods of training police officers, which will improve the quality of training, which in the future will contribute to the performance of their functional duties at a higher professional level. Purpose of the study. Experimentally test and prove that when using the method of visualization from the point of view of the motor image, police officers will increase their level of general and special physical fitness during the training period and master the training program on the subject «Physical Training» at a higher professional level. Research methods: systematic analysis of pedagogical and psychological works on the research topic, pedagogical experiment, checking the level of physical fitness of employees, generalize the experience of practical work at the university, analysis of educational documentation, questionnaires, mathematical statistics method. Results of the study. The obtained research data indicate that this training method has confirmed its effectiveness, and the students of the experimental group showed higher results in the final classes, which provides conditions for the development of the most effective professionally important motor and psychomotor abilities of students. Conclusion. The results of the study indicate the productivity of this method, the need for more detailed development and implementation in the training program of police officers, as well as the possibility of using it in combat and service training of territorial internal affairs bodies.


Visualization, method, motor image, students, cadets, research, efficiency, physical training

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