Formation and bases of the analysis of the investment portfolio of the enterprise

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This article discusses several methods for project design and analysis. After all, they are the key ones in creating a new IT portfolio of the enterprise, according to the standards for the formation and management of projects, which is especially important in investment analysis. Considering these stages, we touch topics from the beginning of an enterprise to its formation, as a working business. After all, every enterprise begins its life with a choice of methods, stopping at one, it chooses a plan and sets tasks. Attraction of investments will be one of the main points in this task. For today, investments are the cause for the consequences of economic processes and various phenomena in the economy. This view will be of interest to specialists in the field of information technology and economic sciences. The idea is substantiated that the analysis of such results gives a good assessment in order to further identify weaknesses, build business processes and solutions from the point of view of forming a new portfolio of the enterprise and tools that allow determining the profitability of the module or the project as a whole in terms of money and technical equivalents. The article helps to reveal the topic and the main problem that is interesting and relevant for today, what method of attracting investors and implementing / shaping the IT portfolio of the project, choose which innovative portfolio management systems should be used and how they differ from traditional ones and how to properly link them with architecture of the enterprise. The key stages of investment analysis will be: increase in profits, accumulation of resources, proper portfolio formation and diversification.


Investment analysis, life cycle, enterprise portfolio, investments

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IDR: 140229980   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-1-331-334

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