The formation of the economic mechanism of stabilization of enterprise's activity

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The authors bring the research of regularities of enterprise’s economic development; bring the research of change sequence of life cycle stages in the article. There is established that a stage of maturity not always gives way to decline stage and in the next to crisis stage. Life processes of "ageing" of the enterprise can be successfully resisted. It is proved that the stage of maturity of the enterprise is associated with a "crisis of stability". Getting into the stages of recession, growth or maintaining stability becomes the way out of the crisis. The authors prove that there are such zones of staying on the life cycle’s curve in the practice of commercial organizations functioning when it is necessary to use the mechanism of stabilization (at detection of "crisis of stability", at transfer from the stage of maturity to the stage of recession and at diagnostics of hit to the stage of recession). In this regard the authors elaborate an economic mechanism for stabilization of the enterprise’s activity as a system of measures aimed at maintaining the achieved financial balance of the enterprise in a long period, which includes the following blocks: information support of the assessment of financial condition; assessment of the level of payment, business and capital stability of the enterprise; determination of the stage of the enterprise’s life cycle; characteristics of the applicable strategy; the need to use the tools for adjust the strategy to stabilize the enterprise’s activity and evaluate the results. At the same time, it is important to focus on maintaining achievable growth rates through the using of special management decisions, along with monitoring the life cycle and controlling the financial condition of the enterprise. The introduction of the economic stabilization mechanism in the enterprise’s activity jointly with the existing organizational and economic mechanism will correct the elements of the basic mechanism and will ensure the economic stability of the commercial organization.


Economic mechanism, stabilization of activity, enterprise, life cycle

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IDR: 140229971   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-1-267-272

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