Ii forum on fresh food in Russia 2011 future trends for fresh food industry in Russia

Автор: Kamenskaya K.

Журнал: Овощи России @vegetables

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Статья в выпуске: 4 (13), 2011 года.

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On 19 November, 2011 at Hilton Leningradskaya hotel the II Forum «Fresh Food Russia 2011» was held to focus on fresh food, prepared food for modern store network. This event, Fresh Food Russia 2011, is only a forum in Russia, where such questions as purchases and storage of fresh food, contemporary solutions for reimbursement and waste recycling, logistics, organization of your own fabrication, control for poor-quality and expired products in store network were discussed. For the first time these possibilities of the Forum give an opportunity to hand over a prize of Fresh Food Awards and carry on negotiations with manufacturers and suppliers of fresh food in retail store network in Russia.


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