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International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science (IJITCS) is a peer reviewed journal in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science. The journal is published 12 issues per year by the MECS Publisher from 2012. All papers will be blind reviewed. Accepted papers will be available on line (free access) and in printed version. No publication fee.

IJITCS is publishing refereed, high quality original research papers in all areas of Information Technology and Computer Science.

IJITCS has been indexed by several world class databases: Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search, CrossRef, DOAJ, IndexCopernicus, INSPEC(IET), EBSCO, VINITI, JournalSeek, ULRICH's Periodicals Directory, WordCat, Scirus, Academic Journals Database, Stanford University Libraries, Cornell University Library, UniSA Library, CNKI Scholar, J-Gate, ZDB, BASE, OhioLINK, iThenticate, Open Access Articles, Open Science Directory, National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences, The HKU Scholars Hub, etc...

The journal publishes original papers in the field of information technology and computer science which covers, but not limited to the following scope:

Web Databases

Web Information Agents

E-Learning and e-Teaching

Agents for Internet Computing

Distributed and Collaborative Computing

Interactive and Multimedia Web Applications

Semantic Web Technologies

Software Engineering

Requirements Analysis

Object-Oriented Modelling and Development

Systems Engineering Methodologies

Modelling Formalisms, Languages, and Notations

Geographical Information Systems

Ontology elicitation from databases

Ontologies for searching Document Databases

Ontologies for Semantic Interoperability

Ontology-driven Information Systems

Coupling and Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources

Distributed Database Applications

Data and knowledge sharing

Knowledge Discovery

Decision Analysis

Dynamic Systems Modelling

Decision Support Systems

Multi-criteria Decision Making

Man-Machine Interaction

CIMS and Manufacturing Systems

Factory Modeling and Simulation

Instrumentation Systems

Process Automation

Intelligent Information Systems

Strategic Decision Support Systems

Coordination in Multi-Agent Systems

Agent Oriented Modelling and Development

Intelligent Control

Hybrid Systems Modeling and Design

Optimization and Decision Making

Fault Detection

Systems Identification

Modeling and Simulation Techniques

Pattern Recognition

Control Systems and Applications

Signal, Image and Video Processing

Speech and Audio Processing

Network Security

Wireless Communications

Ad hoc and Sensor Networks


Modern Education and Computer Science Press

Печатный 2074-9007. Электронный 2074-9015.

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A System Call Randomization Based Method for Countering Code-Injection Attacks

A System Call Randomization Based Method for Countering Code-Injection Attacks

Zhaohui Liang, Bin Liang, Lupin Li

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Code-injection attacks pose serious threat to today’s Internet. The existing code-injection attack defense methods have some deficiencies on performance overhead and effectiveness. To this end, we propose a method that uses system called randomization to counter code injection attacks based on instruction set randomization idea. System calls must be used when an injected code would perform its actions. By creating randomized system calls of the target process, an attacker who does not know the key to the randomization algorithm will inject code that isn’t randomized like as the target process and is invalid for the corresponding de-randomized module. The injected code would fail to execute without calling system calls correctly. Moreover, with extended complier, our method creates source code randomization during its compiling and implements binary executable files randomization by feature matching. Our experiments on built prototype show that our method can effectively counter variety code injection attacks with low-overhead.


Primary-Backup Access Control Scheme for Securing P2P File-Sharing Systems

Primary-Backup Access Control Scheme for Securing P2P File-Sharing Systems

Jianfeng Lu, Ruixuan Li, Zhengding Lu, Xiaopu Ma

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Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing systems have gained large interests among the internet users. However, wide-scale applications of P2P file-sharing technologies are constrained by the limitations associated with the sophisticated control mechanisms. Moreover, the decentralized and anonymous characteristics of P2P environments make it more difficult to control accesses on the shared resources, especially for using traditional access control methods. To overcome these limitations, we propose a role-based access control architecture for P2P file-sharing systems that supports autonomous decisions and centralized controls. The architecture integrates policies of credential, identity and role-based access control models to provide scalable, efficient and fault-tolerant access control services. Furthermore, we employ the primary-backup (PB) scheme to preserve P2P decentralized structure and peers’ autonomy property while enabling collaboration between peers. In particular, we propose a method for setting up interoperating relationships between domains by role mappings and resolve two kinds of interoperability conflicts while mapping roles from foreign domain to local domain without centralized authority. We believe that the proposed architecture is realistic, efficient and can provide controlled communications between peers.


Two Group Signature Schemes with Multiple Strategies Based on Bilinear Pairings

Two Group Signature Schemes with Multiple Strategies Based on Bilinear Pairings

Jianhua Zhu, Guohua Cui, Shiyang Zhou

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A group signature scheme and a threshold group signature scheme based on Bilinear Paring are proposed, there are multiple security strategies in these two schemes. These schemes have forward security which minimizes the damage caused by the exposure of any group member's signing key, and does not affect the past signatures generated by this member; meanwhile, ahead signature generated by a group member before the joining date can be prevented via this strategy. Moreover, this scheme support the group member revocable function efficiently and further has no requirement for time period limits.


Automated Analog Circuit Design Synthesis Using A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Hyper-Mutation and Elitist Strategies

Automated Analog Circuit Design Synthesis Using A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Hyper-Mutation and Elitist Strategies

Mingguo Liu, Jingsong He

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Analog circuits are of great importance in electronic system design. Analog circuit design consists of circuit topology design and component values design. These two aspects are both essential to computer aided analog circuit evolving. However, Traditional GA is not very efficient in evolving circuit component’s values. This paper proposed a hybrid algorithm HME-GA (GA with hyper-mutation and elitist strategies). The advantage of HME-GA is that, it not only concentrates on evolving circuit topology, but also pays attention to evolving circuit component’s values. Experimental results show that, the proposed algorithm performs much better than traditional GA. HME-GA is an efficient tool for analog circuit design. Evolutionary technology has been demonstrated to be very useful in computer aided analog circuit design. More potential of evolutionary methods on analog circuit design is waiting for exploring.


Hierarchical Matching for Chinese Calligraphic Retrieval Using Skeleton Similarity

Hierarchical Matching for Chinese Calligraphic Retrieval Using Skeleton Similarity

Jie Chen, Fuxi Zhu

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Individual Chinese characters are identified mainly by their skeleton structure instead of texture or color.In this paper, an approach based on skeleton similarity for Chinese calligraphic characters retrieval is proposed.By this approach,first,the skeleton of the binarized individual characters are acquired by an improved multi-level module analysis algorithm.Second,the first round of skeleton matching based on the invariant moment-descriptor guarantees the recall rate;the second round of skeleton matching based on the comprehensive characteristic difference in the polar coordinates system guarantees the retrieval precision.Finally,different styles of the same Chinese characters are ranked and displayed according to the two rounds of matching score.Besides,the efficiency of our approach is manifested by the preliminary experiment.


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