Innovative technologies for increase immunity transfer information and its integrated software protection

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Are considered non-traditional methods of detecting and correcting data errors, messages and signals transmitted through the communication channels during testing and normal operation rocket and space technology in noisy environments. The basis of the proposed methods of synthesis of mathematical formalism developed constructive theory of finite fields. Its use allows to identify such structurallyalgorithmic transformation structurally transmitted code and signal-code constructions of the transmitted information, which used her natural redundancy to withstand the destructive interference ability. It is shown that traditional methods with a high degree of universality of their application cannot be met many of the requirements that apply to modern metrological support of space technology test. It offers an innovative system approach to improve the efficiency of information transmission and control of its reliability on the basis of an expanded set of invariants, which constitute the basis for the creation of diagnostic methods for the measurement of evaluation findings on the representation of non-traditional measurements images residues...


Rocket and space technology, the distortion of messages interference, invariants sent messages, the group properties of congruence, the control accuracy of the information, residues images messages

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