Using ontological content patterns in knowledge base engineering for maintenance and repair of aviation equipment

Автор: Dorodnykh N.O., Nikolaychuk O.A., Yurin A.Yu.

Журнал: Онтология проектирования @ontology-of-designing

Рубрика: Прикладные онтологии проектирования

Статья в выпуске: 2 (44) т.12, 2022 года.

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The article presents a method for creating knowledge base prototypes based on ontological design patterns and decision tables. The method contains the following steps: building an ontology of the subject area based on the ontological template of the content; formation of a production knowledge base based on the transformation of elements of the ontology of the subject area; filling the rule base using decision tables, as well as their interpretation and debugging. An ontological content template has been developed that describes the maintenance and repair process in accordance with current standards. The transformation of the ontology into a production model and the generation of decision tables were carried out using a programming system for production knowledge bases. In order to involve non-programming end users in the process of filling knowledge base structures with specific rules, a spreadsheet editor was used. A meaningful assessment of the obtained knowledge base was carried out using the author's shell program. The method and template proposed in the paper were tested in solving the problem of finding the causes of malfunctions and forming a sequence of maintenance and repair of the power supply system of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft.


Ontology design pattern, knowledge base, decision tables, model-based approach, aircraft, power supply system, maintenance and repair

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IDR: 170195097   |   DOI: 10.18287/2223-9537-2022-12-2-158-171

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