Ontological approach to the data protection for their transfer and archiving

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The text's transmission problem in the information systems is directly connected with development of the information compression algorithms, information management, transport task, and the contextual analysis of information for its targeted delivery. One of key questions is the unambiguous interpretation information transmitted. One of approaches to consideration of the problem of control of the text: the compression and transmission of information in the local information system for personnel managing and control of the private texts. Problems of compression of texts for their transfer on communication channels and archiving with saving the semantic contents are considered. For structurization of texts it is offered to use a method of the ontological analysis. Compression of texts is offered to be executed with application of the theory of chain fractions. The offered approach allows to execute compression of the text without loss and can be used as option of protection of texts at preservation and transfer.


Chain fractions, lossless text transmission, lossless data compression algorithm, ontological analysis of the text

Короткий адрес: https://sciup.org/170178715

IDR: 170178715   |   DOI: 10.18287/2223-9537-2016-6-2-136-148

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