The use of ontology approach for aircraft display design

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The authors suggest an ontological approach to the creation of expert decision-making support system for aircraft displays’ schematic conceptual design. Protégé, an open-source ontology design software, is used to develop display ontology. An implementation of fuzzy logic in display of ontology using SWRL (Semantic Web Rule Language) is shown. Structure of relationships between objects in fuzzy ontology is presented schematically. SQWRL (Semantic Query Web Rule Language) is used to perform a query in display design recommendation. As an example, a recommendation feature to give display backlight design recommendation by few factors, such as display diagonal and brightness level, is developed using fuzzy ontology. Membership functions are defined in Protégé editor by putting the property values along with the property. The defuzzification process is based on the set of “IF-TO” fuzzy rules that are used for the calculation of total recommendation crisp value. SWRL built-in functions are used to simulate the calculation process. An implementation of expert system recommendation is illustrated in the aircraft display design projects, in particular, the design of backlight module is given. Using an ontology with fuzzy logic in aircraft display design is new.


Ontology, knowledge, aircraft display, expert system, fuzzy logic

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IDR: 170178794   |   DOI: 10.18287/2223-9537-2018-8-3-400-411

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