The use of dried beetroot powder in functional yogurt technology

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Functional food products allow the consumer to take care of themselves without the use of pills and biological additives. The leading position among such products is occupied by the segment of dairy and fermented milk products enriched with various bioactive plant additives. One of the possible components in the production of yogurt can be such a valuable food vegetable crop as table beet (Beta vulgaris L.), which contains a complex of substances with proven beneficial properties. The purpose of this work was to study the effect of beet powder as an enriching agent in the production of a functional fermented milk product. In the course of the work, samples of yogurt with different concentrations of vegetable additives in the form of beet powder were obtained, which was introduced after pasteurization of milk, before the introduction of starter microflora. It was found that the use of beetroot powder as a fortifier in the production of yogurt reduces the duration of milk fermentation process. The quality control of the obtained yogurt samples was carried out according to organoleptic, physico-chemical and microbiological parameters, as well as their tasting with the involvement of volunteers. The positive effect of the introduced vegetable additive on the appearance, consistency, taste of the fermented milk product has been established. The addition of beetroot powder led to a decrease in the degree of syneresis and an increase in the water-binding capacity of the yogurt milk clot. The nutritional value of the obtained yogurt samples was calculated, as well as a comparison of changes in the degree of satisfaction of the daily need for trace elements was carried out, an increase in the concentration of iron in samples containing beet powder was quantitatively proved. The recommended optimal concentration of beetroot powder in yogurt has been established in the range of 0,250-0,375 %.


Functional food, dairy industry, fermented milk product, yoghurt, non-dairy component, vegetable additive, beet powder, nutritional value, fermentation, quality control, microbiological analysis

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IDR: 147236432   |   DOI: 10.14529/food220110

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