Assessment of IgG autoantibodies to single-stranded DNA (ss-DNA) and double-stranded DNA (ds-DNA) in patients with acantholytic pemphigus

Автор: Mavlyanova Sh. Z., Mutavaliev M.S., Ismogilov A.I., Mullakhanov J.B., Alimukhamedova Yu. A.

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In recent years, evaluation of autoimmune mechanisms of bullous dermatoses has become relevant. In this connection, the aim of our study was to assess serum levels of IgG autoantibodies (AAB) to single stranded DNA (ss-DNA) and double stranded DNA (ds-DNA) in patients with true acantholytic pemphigus. The present study included 57 patients with acantholytic pemphigus and 18 healthy individuals (control group). Analysis of the results obtained showed that most patients with true pemphigus had an increased level of IgG autoantibodies to ds-DNA (59.6% of cases). At the same time, IgG autoantibodies to ss-DNA were detected in 15.8% of cases. Quantitative evaluation of the serum level of IgG autoantibodies to ds-DNA revealed an increase by 1.6 times in patients with pemphigus as compared to the control group (p


Acantholytic pemphigus, autoantibodies, autoimmunity, immunological markers, anti-double stranded dna antibodies

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