Study of the dynamics of inhibition of native microflora of vegetable and mushroom products under the action of processing by relativistic electrons

Автор: Semenova Z.A., Ilyuhina N.V., Kolokolova A.Y., Levshenko M.T., Kurbanova M.N.

Журнал: Вестник Воронежского государственного университета инженерных технологий @vestnik-vsuet

Рубрика: Пищевая биотехнология

Статья в выпуске: 3 (81), 2019 года.

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The process of processing and selling fresh vegetable and mushroom products is accompanied by a high risk of rapid bacteriological damage and, as a consequence, short shelf life. The search for methods of processing lightly damaged varieties of plant materials is an urgent problem of the food industry. Studies have been carried out to study the effect of relativistic electrons on a 10 MeV facility (Tekleor company) on the dynamics of inhibition of native microflora during storage of delicate types of plant materials. Fresh mushroom champignons and fresh spinach greens were chosen as objects of study. Product samples were Packed weighing 200 g in plastic bags brand RA / PE. Storage and transportation of samples was carried out at a temperature of 8-10 ° С. After processing the experimental data, a plateau zone was revealed during processing with a beam energy of 1 kGy with a further decrease in the number of microorganisms with an increase in dose to 2 kGy. Studies of changes in the dynamics of inhibition of the initial number of microorganisms in mushroom and green products showed that in the microflora of mushroom and green products, there are stable types of microorganisms that are characterized by the presence of a plateau zone...


Food safety, irradiation, relativistic electrons, fresh mushrooms, greens, storage process, microbiological studies, кмаfаnм, native microflora, inhibition dynamics

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IDR: 140246380   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2019-3-132-136

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