Research of parameters and calculation of the budget of the radio line in the ground-based system of near navigation on the basis of pseudo-satellites

Автор: R.B. Kovalyov, V.N. Ratushnyak, P.Yu. Zverev

Журнал: Космические аппараты и технологии.

Рубрика: Космические услуги

Статья в выпуске: 2, 2019 года.

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At present time the most of the work of specialists in the field of navigation is to improve the parameters of navigation systems such as noise immunity and accuracy. At all the world is more and more actual the interest of consumers of high-precision navigation information and equipment manufacturers to near navigation systems, which are an addition to the existing satellite radio navigation systems, allowing them to increase their accuracy and noise immunity. Assessment the parameters is made in the article and algorithm for calculating the radio line in the near-navigation system based on pseudosatellites is generalized. A model for calculating the energy of a radio line has been developed for various configurations of the location of pseudosatellites. The developed program for calculating the characteristics of radio lines of a near-navigation system based on pseudo-satellites allows to quickly evaluate not only its energy characteristics, but also realizes pictorial visualization of the resulting directional diagram of pseudo-satellite systems in accordance with the configured navigation zone of consumers and the required power of navigation signals in natural radio routes.


Radio navigational system of near navigation, pseudo-satellite, radio line of land pseudo-satellites, losses of distribution of navigation signals, local systems of navigation

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IDR: 14114638   |   DOI: 10.26732/2618-7957-2019-2-101-106