Research of consumer crediting of "Metallinvestbank" for 2014-2016

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Article is devoted to studying of features of consumer crediting in PJSC JSB Metallinvestbank bank. In article definition of a consumer loan according to the legal doctrine is given. The analysis of structure and structure of borrowers, dynamics and structure of the loans granted to natural persons is carried out. The technique of development of the system of actions to introduction of the effective development strategy of the enterprise is supposed. Management of financial risks of the enterprise represents a part of activity of the financial manager. Each enterprise for ensuring stable work in the future, has to have accurately definite purposes. The most effective system of management is the system of strategic management which demands from heads of understanding of essence of strategy, use of receptions and methods of strategic management, development of strategic plans. From here, strategy has to change and adapt to change of conditions, both the external, and internal environment. Therefore, the business management problem is relevant. The analysis of the specified problems has shown lack of effective management of the enterprises taking into account risk situations. Now there are no effective techniques and models of business management representing the relations of the economic subject assuming interrelation in granting and consumption of goods and services. The policy of management of financial risks represents a part of the general financial strategy of the enterprise consisting in system development an action for neutralization of possible negative financial consequences of the risks connected with implementation of various aspects of financial activity. Within this policy the list of financial risks is defined. The conclusion is drawn on a condition of a problem of financial risks at the enterprise: the most priority risk is the risk of decrease in financial stability (or risk of violation of balance of financial development), it has the greatest assessment. Further risks of insolvency (or risk of unbalanced liquidity) the enterprises and criminogenic risk follow. The least priority is the deposit risk. At the final stage the methods of decrease in financial risks of the enterprise including forecasting and monitoring of production and financial activity with establishment of standard ranges, increase in solvency through optimization of management of monetary assets are offered. As methods of decrease in criminogenic risk the methods of transfer of financial risk directed to diversification and insurance are allocated.


Management, technique, enterprise, strategy, economy

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IDR: 140229978   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-1-314-321

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