Research of the chromium distribution in the diffusion layer during chromium plating of steel x35CrNi2-3

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The analysis of scientific literature has shown the diffusion saturation of two and more chemical elements of the surface of alloys remains understudied due to the complexity of sample preparation and subsequent analysis of samples. This remains a relevant objective of modern science. Using of a new technique for determining the concentration of a chemical element during chemical-thermal treatment of alloys will greatly facilitate the theoretical studying of diffusion processes in alloys and the practical application of diffusion saturation. The article describes a new method of determining the concentration of chromium during diffusion chromium plating of steel. The possibilities of the new technique are shown on the example of diffusion saturation with chromium of X35CRNI2-3. The principle of the technique - the obtained samples after chromium plating of steel are cut across the axis, thin sections are made, the diffusion layer is examined from the end of the sample using an electron microscope. In this work the analysis technique is based on the capabilities of scanning electron microscopy, X-ray spectral microanalysis of diffusion layers across a section (local determination of the chemical composition of the material). The chemical composition of the diffusion layer was monitored using a universal scanning electron microscope JEOL JSM-6460 LV. Chromium diffusion saturation of steel X35CRNI2-3 has done. A dense (pore-free) surface layer containing 100 to 2% chromium, to 62 microns thick, has obtained. The diffusion coefficient of chromium has calculated: α-phase - DCr = 6.3•10-14 m2/s, γ-phase - DCr = 3.7•10-15 m2/s. The microhardness of the chromium-plated layer has determined, which averaged 1369 HV300.


Diffusion coefficient of chromium, chromium distribution in the layer, steel x35crni2-3, research techniques

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IDR: 147236547   |   DOI: 10.14529/met220103

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