Historiography of art education development in Russia

Автор: K. I. Boykova

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Education and culture are in synthesis with each other. Together they are the engines of progress and are able to influence the speed of development of the entire society, and art education helps to transmit the correct attitude towards objects of culture and art, their preservation and transmission to descendants. Bu means of education, it is possible to introduce cultural values, norms, knowledge, traditions, tolerance, a humane attitude towards people, animals, and nature into the consciousness of people. Their fundamental goal is to transform an ordinary person into a well-read, educated, enlightened person. Art education in Russia is a long and unfinished process conditioned by contradictory trends, with an intermediate result. At the moment, it is clear that an increase in artistic culture in a person's life determines the cultural potential of the entire society, and education becomes a part of spiritual life, which affects a person's socialization, his creative abilities, work and intellect. In this regard, it is important to understand the process of development of art education in Russia, the features of which are discussed in this article


History, art education, culture, education, fine arts, drawing, fine arts, academy of arts, technical drawing school of S. G. Stroganov

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