Non-ferrous metal items from the excavations in the Taynitskiy garden of the Moscow Kremlin in 2007

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The paper explores items made from non-ferrous metal found during excavations in the Taynitskiy Garden of the Moscow Kremlin in 2007. The assemblage includes jewelry, cult and household items, in total 377 finds (Fig. 1-3). The paper focuses on jewelry. Most jewelry pieces date to the 14th-15th centuries. Some finds date to the 12th-13th centuries. Specifics of types of jewelry items, and those that have analogies among artifacts from the southern part of Eastern Europe of the Golden Horde period were identified. Churchmen's houses were located in this place as evidenced by an abundance of religious cult items. Finds of imported goods, a diversity of household items dating to the 14th-16th centuries reflect a high status of the people who lived in this part of the Moscow Kremlin Podol at that time.


Nonferrous metal, jewelry pieces, jewelry, household items, chronology, medieval time, moscow

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