Intensity variation of the pain syndrome in osteochondrosis and the protrusions of the intervertebral discs of the lumbar spine

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The article discusses therapeutic effect of yoga on the spine and the human body as a whole, including the emotional and mental state. The study included 22 test subjects aged 17 to 26 (55% - former athletes). Diagnosis and degree of pain syndrome have been established. The main purpose of the study is the alleviation of pain syndrome. The set of yoga exercises is presented (articular warm-ups, marjariasana cycle, sarpasana, traction techniques, as well as strengthening the paravertebral and abdominal muscles, etc.) and a positive response among test subjects with osteochondrosis and protrusions of the intervertebral discs of the lumbar spine is described. As a result of the yoga therapy, the improvement of physical and mental state was observed, the intensity of pain decreased by 20 %. The effectiveness of therapy was assessed upon the results of MRT, SF-36 and Oswestry Disability Questionnaire, test VASH, Shober’s and Tomayer’s tests.


Rehabilitation, treatment, yoga, yoga therapy, health, back pain, pain syndrome, osteochondrosis, protrusion

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