Study of performance peculiarities of gymnasts' line-up and change of formation in group exercises

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The article is devoted to the study of the numerical composition of errors, made by teams of group exercises during line-up and change of formation, which are set apart into the separate category of so-called contactless interactions, representing the elements of athletes' cooperation. The study used the analysis of video recordings of the best teams in the world, due to the fact, that the assessment of the performance of gymnastic exercises has the subjectivity. This method has allowed to increase the objectivity of the results through multiple visual modelling and the absence of corruptions in time. Besides, we took into account the influence of the biomechanical peculiarities of various objects on the gymnasts' ability to accurately determine, timely change the position of the body and move in the right direction. The compositions with homogeneous and heterogeneous objects are separately studied. Also, the article presents an analysis of the causes, which determine the incipiency of errors in groups' performance of line-up and change of formation.


Group exercises, line-up, change of formation, spatial orientation, performance errors

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