Efficiency of using evaporative cooling to reduce the consumption of graphite electrodes in arc furnaces of low capacity

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Graphite electrodes used in arc furnaces are consumable material. In the cost of produced castings of finished products in the foundry production, the cost of graphite electrodes is a significant part of the costs, so the reduction in their specific consumption is an urgent task. An analysis of the reasons determining the specific consumption of graphite electrodes, and the existing methods of reducing the specific of graphite electrodes waste, among the considered methods it was established that the most promising direction is the use of water evaporative cooling. The aim of the work is a theoretical analysis of the effectiveness of evaporative cooling with water side surface of graphite electrodes in arc furnaces of low capacity. Computer simulation of the thermal state of a graphite electrode was carried out on the example of a three-phase alternating current arc furnace with a capacity of 6 tons. It has been established that the evaporative cooling of graphite electrodes can be recommended for operation on active and projected arc furnaces of small capacity. It is determined that the use of water evaporative cooling in arc furnace with a capacity of 6 tons reduces the temperature of the graphite electrode, primarily in its upper part. It has been established that there is an optimal consumption of water that corresponds to a minimum of graphite electrodes and additional electricity. The use of evaporative cooling on arc furnaces of low-capacity is economically more appropriate when using low-quality graphite with respect to its thermal resistance.


Arc furnace, graphite electrode, evaporative cooling, graphite waste, spray ring

Короткий адрес: https://sciup.org/147236552

IDR: 147236552   |   DOI: 10.14529/met220107

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