Evolution of competition as a phenomenon

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The article is devoted to the evolution of competition, its development and formation. Competition as an economic phenomenon is of great importance for the development and functioning of the economy, in practice the market economy with the help of the competition is capable of the most effective and efficient use of resources and facilitate the introduction of new technologies. Understanding its nature and function requires a retrospective examination of the phenomenon to trace its evolution. The purpose of this article is to identify the relationship between evolution of competition and the development of society. It is emphasized that it is necessary to adopt foreign experience concerning the development of competition, while taking into account national features, the influence of informal institutions - customs, traditions, etc. on the development of competition. Application of evolutionary approach has allowed considering the stages of the development of competition as a phenomenon. Four stages of the development of competition and features of the competition at every stage of its development are identified. It is noted that with the development of competition as a phenomenon the competition theory appeared and developed. As a result, it was concluded that the activity and the development of informal and formal institutions affect the development of competition.


Competition, evolution, evolution of competition, stages of development, retrospect, market mechanism, institution

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