To the assessment of technical level complex technical systems taking into account the whole life cycle

Автор: Voronov E.M., Tsherbinin V.V., Semenov S.S.

Журнал: Онтология проектирования @ontology-of-designing

Рубрика: Методы и технологии принятия решений

Статья в выпуске: 2 (20) т.6, 2016 года.

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In article the approach to an estimation of a technological level of modern complex technical systems with use of mathematical methods of the theory of decision-making and modern information technology taking into account all life cycle on an example of systems of prompting of operated aviation bombs is stated. Classification of problems of the theory of decision-making and methods of expert estimations of a technological level of systems of prompting is resulted. The basic stages of the decision of a problem of the comparative analysis of systems of prompting of operated aviation bombs for the chosen method multicriteria evaluation are shown. The organization of carrying out of an expert estimation of a technological level of complex technical systems by means of the developed information-analytical system is described. The structure and the maintenance of the estimated indicators, including set of the integrated and individual indicators possessing completeness of technical characteristics of investigated systems is offered. The presented method of the comparative analysis and choice on hierarchical system of integrated and individual indicators has universal character and is applicable for various subject domains of defensive and civil appointment. The method allows to reveal the most preferable variants of analyzed systems at early design stages taking into account all stages of life cycle.


Complex technical systems, imaging system, controlled bombs, technical level, rating

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IDR: 170178718   |   DOI: 10.18287/2223-9537-2016-6-2-173-192

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