The issue of integrating Chinese students to the Russian learning environment within the framework of joint programs (linguosociocultural aspect)

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The article discusses the problems and the search for ways to solve them when Chinese students adapt to the Russian learning environment in the framework of joint engineering programs (2 + 2; 3 + 1). The focus is on mastering the Russian language and continuing studies in Russia from the first course. It proves the necessity to begin work on the adaptation of students both in the educational and professional, and in the social and domestic spheres already in their native Chinese university, i.e., in the absence of a language environment. Possible approaches to the interaction of Russian teachers and subject teachers from both Russian and Chinese are proposed. On the basis of many years of teaching experience in China and surveys of students who have already been trained in these programs in Russian universities, the main “pain points” that hinder successful adaptation process in a new foreign language environment.


Linguodidactics, adaptation, learning, russian as a foreign language (rfl), non-linguistic and language environment, chinese students, joint programs

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IDR: 148309393   |   DOI: 10.25586/RNU.V925X.19.01.P.126

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