On the development of testing facilities for the scientific testing center of the rocket and space industry for developmental testing of advanced cryogenic propulsion systems

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The paper provides a review of materials on the development of testing facilities in the Scientific Testing Center of the Rocket and Space Industry and the issues involved in raising the efficiency and safety of experimental development of advanced cryogenic propulsion systems for launch vehicles intended for exploration of the near and deep space. It shows that the most dangerous tests are those that are conducted on engines and propulsion systems that use oxygen, methane and hydrogen as propellant components. They may involve containment failure in the propellant system in off-nominal situations - emergency releases of propellant components, explosions and fires. It provides calculation results for overpressure in the shock-wave front depending on the mass of the released hydrogen and the factor of its contribution to the explosion. It formulates special and additional safety measures for engine and propulsion system tests in a test facility.


Test facility (test stand), propulsion system, safety, off-nominal situation, cryogenic propellant components

Короткий адрес: https://sciup.org/143178149

IDR: 143178149   |   DOI: 10.33950/spacetech-2308-7625-2021-1-88-97

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