To the question of readiness тo follow the human rights by students-lawyers in connection with their nationality and peculiarities of self-concept

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The readiness to follow the human rights is explored through the appealing to the category of psychological attitude. The attitude is considered in semantic, objective, purposeful and operational aspects. About eighty - six students of law faculty of different nationalities have taken part in this research. The received results have been disovered the preponderance the semantic and purposeful settings over the operational aspect. Self - concept of the students with the semantic readiness to follow the human right is characterized the higher mindfulness and sustainability, with operational aspect - the higher level of fullness and awareness. The differences of the national specification have been manifested in the most operational readiness of the students of the Caucasus and the low level of stability in “Self - concept” with the prepondirance of the purposeful settings.


The readiness to follow the human rights, semantic attitude to respect for human rights, purposeful attitude to respect for human rights, operational installation for the observance of human rights, self-concept

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