Revisiting the gymnastics teaching in "Physical education" major of bachelor degree course

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The article is devoted to the issue of teaching the discipline «Gymnastics with teaching methods» in the professional training of bachelor students. Such approaches as competence-based, activity-based, and personality-oriented in the implementation of the content of the discipline are considered. The competence approach uses key competencies, the development of which contributes to improving the competitiveness of future specialists. The leading aspects of the activity approach focus on the variability of the content of the educational process, strengthening the connection between theory and practice. A person-oriented approach to learning involves studying the student's abilities in order to more effectively use the individual aspects of the student's personality in revealing its potential. The developed training method based on these approaches in preparing students to perform the practical part of the exam in gymnastics can improve the physical fitness of students and the quality of their performance of the most complex elements of competitive combinations.


Undergraduate students, modern approaches in training, teaching methods, team gymnastics, group floor exercises (pair acrobatics), ground tumbling

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