Clinical options of non-psychotic mental disorders in patients after impact of small doses of radiation

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A total of 536 liquidators of Chernobyl disaster have been examined, all patients being diagnosed with neuropsychiatric disorders of organic register (according to ICD-10 criteria) and multiple somatic disorders of internal organs. Clinical manifestations of borderline mental disorders were polymorphic in nature, and showed varying degrees of severity - from simple asthenic reactions to psycho-organic syndrome. The high level of asthenic and psycho-organic symptoms was the basic underlying factor resulting in disadaptation of these patients. Most patients exhibited manifest affective and pathocharacterological disturbances. The impact of somatic factors contributed adversely to the development and progression of mental disorders and also helped shape the rehabilitation strategy.


Ecology, radiation, social-psychological factors, mental disorders, somatic diseases, symptoms, clinical peculiarities, chaps

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