Comprehensive tools and methodologies quality improvement in the management competitiveness trade enterprises

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The paper substantiates the need for the use of integrated methods of research and quality management in the trading enterprise - the model of attractive quality N. Cano and QFD (Quality Function Deployment) analysis, which can be quite used as strategic approaches in the concept of TQC (Total Quality Management (technological)). The authors prove with the help of practical studies that in decision-making to improve competitiveness and improve the process of creating a product (service) requires a methodology that will not only form a matrix of customer preferences and determine the degree of sensitivity to different characteristics of quality, but also to translate the request into the language of technology. For testing these methods improve the quality of the selected company Servismaster LTD is employed in the service sector are technically complex equipment in Agro-Industrial Complex market. This area is a dynamically developing industry and the problems of quality and competitiveness in the market of agricultural machinery are very relevant...


Methods of quality improvement, competitiveness management

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IDR: 140246358   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2019-2-320-335

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