Complex approach to health protection in medieval French manuscript L’enseignement ou la maniere de garder et conserver la sante

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The present paper is devoted to the data contained in the French manuscript of the middle of the XV century, which are published for the first time. Until now, the content of the manuscript was unknown to the scientific community, since the manuscript was studied only from the point of view of paleography, so its linguistic content remained undisclosed. The author of the article carried out the work on decoding the text of the manuscript and translating it into Russian. The manuscript is written in the genre of the medical treatise and is devoted to questions of protection and preservation of health. The author concludes that the medical approach practiced in the Middle Ages was a holistic concept of health protection; the main points were prevention of diseases, timely purification and emptying of the body, careful care and hygiene. The manuscript emphasizes the relationship between the emotional and physical state of a person, so medieval authors recommended to prevent stress and manage emotions in order to preserve health.


Рукопись xv в, manuscript of 15th century, medieval writing, preservation of health, medical treatise

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IDR: 148309708   |   DOI: 10.25586/RNU.V925X.19.01.P.120

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