Converter for the ontologic knowledge base of machine tools and parts of machine-building production plant into an objective database built on ANTLR

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The article is devoted to developing an automated converter for the knowledge base in the form of ontologies represented in one of the formats, acceptable for ontology editor OntoStudio (OWL or RDF), into an object-oriented database (OODB) db4o. The proposed approach is based on the ANTLR compiler (ANother Tool for Language Recognition). This approach is implemented for the first time. It reduces labor costs and applies the ANTLR software tool to other ontologies as the developed grammar ontology for the description language is independent from the subject area. Grammar contains not only lexical and syntactical rules to verify the text, but also the rules of action for the transformation of ontology elements into elements of isomorphic object database.


Ontology, converter, project, knowledge base, class

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IDR: 170178724   |   DOI: 10.18287/2223-9537-2016-6-3-278-286

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