Correction of postural and algical aspects of athletes using a force plate

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Among a large number of athletes with various types of post-traumatic syndromes (pain, impaired coordination), a frequent complication is the chronicity of pain manifestations of various localization and, as a consequence, a decrease in not only the quality of life, but also sports indicators. The clinical picture of such disorders is disguised as signs of primary pathology, and often becomes the leading symptom in the pathogenesis of the disease, which complicates the diagnosis and correction of the formed pathological disorders of the biomechanics of locomotor. The review article examines modern approaches to pain, biomechanical, coordination disorders in athletes. It is shown that for faster rehabilitation of athletes and restoration of professional functions, it is important to study the clinical and neurophysiologic characteristics and functional state of muscle structures in various sports injuries. Possible ways of correcting statodynamic disorders of the musculoskeletal system using a force plate with a biofeedback system have been analyzed.


Biomechanics, force plate, biofeedback, musculoskeletal system, pattern, pain

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