KPI as part of an organization's assessment and motivation system

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Dedicated to the implementation of the KPI-based assessment and management system, which will improve the manageability and controllability of the business, align the activities of the company’s functional divisions with the strategic goals. The factors that contribute to the successful implementation of this system are described, problems arising in the process of developing and implementing KPIs and requiring careful study are considered. It is noted that the decision to implement a KPI system in a company is made by management based on the capabilities, goals and features of a particular organization. The conclusion is made about the significance of not only individual factors, but also of the common advantages and minuses of the technology in the process of its implementation.


Kpi, key performance indicators, motivation system, strategic management, target management, balanced scorecard

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IDR: 148309220   |   DOI: 10.25586/RNU.V9276.19.02.P.058

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