Legal capacity of artificial intelligence

Автор: Shapsugova M. D.

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Рубрика: Юридические науки и политология

Статья в выпуске: 8, 2019 года.

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Digitalization of the economy makes research in the field of artificial intelligence relevant. The introduction of robots in all spheres of human life gives rise to problems of responsibility for the actions of artificial intelligence, for example, in the event of an accident involving an unmanned taxi. No less relevant is the problem of intellectual property in the results of intellectual activity. Who should be considered the author of a work created by artificial intelligence: the robot itself, man? These practical problems entail the need for a scientific and theoretical understanding of the personality of the robot. The article explores the basic approaches to understanding artificial intelligence, its types. It is determined as the degree of autonomy of artificial intelligence can determine its legal personality.


Artificial intelligence, legal personality, robots, entrepreneurial law, legal capacity

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IDR: 14114605   |   DOI: 10.32415/jscientia.2019.08.01

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