Manipulation of Consciousness in Social Management

Автор: Таtyana N. Kilmashkina, Asat G. Abdullin, Igor A. Vishnyakov

Журнал: Психопедагогика в правоохранительных органах @pp-omamvd

Рубрика: Психокоррекция и регуляция состояний

Статья в выпуске: 4 (87), 2021 года.

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Introduction. Manipulation of consciousness in social management is based on the property of consciousness, which automatically perceives information unilaterally basing on inner templates and taking illusion or external form for the essence of a particular phenomenon. The aim is to reveal the technologies of the “controlled chaos” in the modern world on the micro-, macro- and megalevels. Materials, Results and Discussion. The researchers analyze socially-psychological philosophical literature where theoretical grounds and technologies for manipulating consciousness in social management are revealed. The methods of analogy, formal and dialectical logics as well as comparison were employed. The authors consider the technologies of manipulating social consciousness used in “Dulles’ Plan”, specify the generic signs of manipulating social consciousness from S.G. Kara-Murza’s point of view, reveal the technologies of the “controlled chaos” in the modern world on the micro-, macro- and mega-levels and the technologies of modern informational and hybrid wars. Conclusions. The primary tasks of social information and social organization as the main elements of managing the society are connected with realization of moral, ideological, educational and other functions aimed at preservation and development of national self-consciousness of the Russian citizens.


Social management, manipulation of social consciousness, technologies of manipulating of Dulles’ plan, technologies of modern informational and hybrid wars

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IDR: 149138498   |   DOI: 10.24412/1999-6241-2021-4-87-442-450

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