Human integral assessment methodology capital of the region

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A methodology has been developed for assessing the region’s human capital based on the calculation of an integral indicator. The modern economic development trends, expressed in the activation of digitalization processes, are considered. The place of the Voronezh region in terms of digitalization among other regions is determined. The region occupies a leading position among the studied areas, but at the same time, further development in the direction of digitalization is necessary, since the region has the resources for higher rates of digitalization in the long term. Under the assumption that human capital plays a key role in the process of transformation of the modern economic system of the region, the authors propose a system of indicators for an integrated assessment of the human capital of the region. Indicators are united in enlarged groups (demographic, labor and educational, research, sociocultural). To calculate the integral indicator of the state of human capital in the region, the coefficients of significance of each of its components are determined...


Human capital, digital economy, evaluation of human capital, structure of human capital, economic system, methodology for assessing the human capital of a region

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IDR: 140246417   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2019-3-375-380

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