Methodological approaches to the organization of monitoring of realization of strategy of the macroregion

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The authors prove the necessity of the organization of the monitoring of the documents of strategic planning as a separate part of the implementation of the Federal Law No. 172-FZ “About the strategic planning in the Russian Federation”. They also state the main goal of carrying out the monitoring of the macroregion's strategy realization and also the goals of the second level. The problems arising in the course of the development of monitoring systems and control systems of the strategic planning of macroregion including the problems of synchronizing the project work at the goals systems, indices of the strategy and monitoring systems are analyzed. Key disadvantages of earlier developed regional and municipal strategies are described. Methodological and organizational solutions helping to cope with and to realize the system of strategy monitoring including the principles of strategies development are offered. The article describes practical results of the realization of the suggested methodological solutions, introduced on the basis of the R&D research including the necessary functional and algorithmic structure of the methodology of strategy monitoring of the macroregion strategy, classification of indices for monitoring goals...


Strategic planning, northwestern federal district, macroregion, monitoring, technique, measurement, direct indicators, inverse indicators, verbal assessment

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IDR: 149131153   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.11

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