Modernization of ecological and economic mechanism of management of regional land resources

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In the conditions of a spontaneous formation of the market relations in the land sphere and refusal of the previous system of town-planning and nature protection regulation of land use that worked earlier there is a prompt destruction of natural territories for the sake of momentary profit that contradicts the international concept of “sustainable development”. Authors think that calculation of an integrated indicator of system effectiveness of ecological and economic management of land resources demands taking into account contemporary international requirements. That’s why it is suggested to include into its calculation the lacking indicators of viability of an ecosystem and ecological health. According to authors’ opinion, the use of an integrated indicator when determining the condition of a control system of regional land use, and also the scientifically based control of a number of economic, ecological and social factors when planning regional land use will allow upgrading the ecological and economic mechanism of management of land resources of the region in modern conditions.


Natural resources, land resources, regional land use, efficiency, ecological and economic mechanism, integrated indicator of efficiency of ecological and economic management of land resources, land legislation, legal land use, rational natural management


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