Monitoring of physical development of 13-15-year-old boys engaged in basketball (on the example of MBGEI GES №2 Raduzhny, Vladimir region)

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The article reflects a study of the physical development of 13-15-year-old boys who play basketball in the school section. The concept of monitoring is now very widely used in many areas, but it does not have the same definition for all areas. This is due to the fact that the concept of monitoring is determined by the specifics of the sphere in which it is applied. In a general sense, monitoring is the process of observing an object, assessing its condition, monitoring events and preventing negative development paths. It is aimed at analyzing problem areas, finding optimal ways to solve them, and finding means to resolve them. Monitoring is carried out constantly. This allows you to assess the state of the object under study at different times, which makes it possible to analyze and predict trends in further development. The availability of reliable, timely information about the state of development in various areas allows you to make a competent decision in time.


Basketball, dynamics of indicators, monitoring, physical development

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