Mordva «Maryinoy roshchi» in the first third of the XX century

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In the article the history of settling by Mordvinians the district of Moscow Maryina Roshcha in the first third of the XXth century is considered. It is revealed that population of Moscow increased as a result of the natural growth of the population, migration, transformation of rural settlements in city, expansions of territorial borders. The first wave of resettlement of a Mordva to Moscow and Moscow area has fallen on the period after reform of 1861 when in Russia the capitalism began to develop violently which has entailed mass outflow of peasants to the cities. The Mordovian population of Maryina Roshcha came from Central Volga area, the Saratov province, was engaged mainly in charcoal sale. For a raising of education level and culture in 1926 the first Mordovian club has been organized here. In days of the Great Patriotic War World War II the number of Mordovians in Moscow declined significantly.


Mordva, history, resettlement, "maryina roshcha", work, moscow

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