We are peaceful people, but..." From the history of "Ready for labor and defence"

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The article deals with the retrospective of the 'Ready for Labor and Defense' program, its role in the development of mass physical education and sports in the country before the World War II as well as with the need of reviving the program's standards with the goal of educating active and healthy people in the 21st century. Poll results on reviving 'Ready for Labor and Defense' are also summarized. The study applied principles of Historicism, objectivity, consistency and sociological approach. The following conclusions can be drawn: - in the 30s-40s of the 20th century in Kuban region an active work on creation of mass sports movement has been done; - an important role in this work was public organizations of the Komsomol, OSOAVIAKHIM and others; - in the USSR 'Ready for Labor and Defense' was not only the methodical basis of the system of physical education, but also a symbol of the patriotism of the prewar time; - many years of RLD program experience testifies to the expediency of the existence of common criteria of younger generation's physical training in our country.


Ready for labor and defense, komsomol, volunteer, military and mass work, patriotism, mass sports, health, training, northern caucasus, physical training committees, poll, reasons for sports

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