Finds of the items dating to I mill. ad at the Suvorotskoye 8 settlement: the collection structure and the historical context

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The paper publishes specific finds dating to the second half of 1000 collected during a survey of the Medieval Russia settlement in the Nerl Klyazmenskaya downstream. The examination of the chronological horizons preceding Russian colonization of the region is facing some difficulties related both to specific traits of the material culture dating to this period (a small number of artifacts in the occupation layers) and the density of settlement patterns during the Middle Ages. In these conditions the publication of specific finds is not only important to enlarge the database of artifacts used as chronological indicators but is also necessary to gain better insight in settlement patterns in the Volga-Klyazma interfluve in 1000.


I mill. AD, settlement patterns, Suzdal Opolye

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