Scientific approaches to the application of red-and-white cows milk in the production of combined composition soft cheeses

Автор: Derkanosova A.A., Kurchaeva E.E., Vostroilov A.V., Bazhenova E.V., Popova Y.A., Matvienko N.A.

Журнал: Вестник Воронежского государственного университета инженерных технологий @vestnik-vsuet

Рубрика: Пищевая биотехнология

Статья в выпуске: 1 (87), 2021 года.

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The demand for natural products is constantly growing in the current environmental situation. This encourages manufacturers to increase the production of these goods. However, almost all branches of the food industry use nowadays a large number of biologically active additives, mainly of synthetic origin. In this regard, the introduction of natural vegetable supplements in the composition of a traditional food product will contribute not only to an increase in the nutritional and biological value of the product, but also to expand the range of healthy food products. The possibility of using dietary fiber from root crops of scorzonera, immobilized on biopolymers, and chickpea flour obtained from chickpea beans bioactivated by germination in the amount of 5% and 15%, respectively, was studied in the work. Scientific substantiation of the effectiveness of the use of vegetable filler in the production of combined soft cheese was given. The cheese product produced has a mass fraction of fat in dry matter of 4.5%, a mass fraction of moisture not more than 64%, a mass fraction of salt not more than 2.0%. The use of dietary fiber as a food additive in cheese production gives the product a functional value. Dietary fiber, introduced in an amount of 5.0%, increases the yield of the finished product by 11-11.5%. Thus, applying the proposed technology for the production of a soft cheese product, it becomes possible to solve a number of technological, environmental and economic problems, including an increase in the nutritional value of a soft cheese product, due to enrichment with dietary fiber, macro- and micronutrients, as well as an increase in the biological value of the developed product by balancing the amino acid composition


Soft cheese, chickpea flour, dietary fiber, scorzonera, organoleptic characteristics

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IDR: 140257315   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-146-154

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