Some conditions of first-year students’ adaptation at Olympic reserve school

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The article clarifies the concepts of adaptation and disadaptation of students, subjective attitudes, substantiates some conditions for optimal adaptation of students to the conditions of organization of secondary vocational education. As simulated conditions for the optimal adaptation of freshmen, the following are considered: the use of collective forms of organization of extracurricular activities and leisure of students, role-playing and business games in the educational process, taking into account the subjective attitude of students to participants in educational relations, to educational and training processes and the inclusion of freshmen in life management. The authors presented a comparative analysis of the subjective attitude of students to the training and educational process, coaches and teachers, themselves and classmates based on the results of a study of the level of adaptability of first-year students of the Olympic Reserve School at different stages of training.


Adaptation and disadaptation of students, adaptability, subjective attitude, collective forms of organization of extracurricular activities, educational process, training process

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