About the nature and type of nervous activity of shooters from combat weapons

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The article deals with the nature and type of human nervous activity, volitional activity and volitional qualities of the shooter, the ability of athletes to overcome all kinds of obstacles that are a mandatory factor in the manifestation and development of will, the education of volitional qualities in the course of a purposeful training process for shooting from combat weapons. Shooting from a combat weapon is a fully conscious volitional activity of the shooter, and the solution of a significant number of issues inherent in this type of activity is inevitably associated with the volitional efforts undertaken by him. The training process in any sport organizes and improves, including in shooting from combat weapons, the personality and strongwilled qualities of the shooter. In the training process, most often there are not enough emotions and adrenaline that you have to experience at competitions in shooting from combat weapons.


Shooting from combat weapons, character, type of temperament, will, strongwilled qualities, purposeful training process

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