Substantiation of biotechnological approaches of creation and use of biocomposites based on plant and animal raw materials

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Food products can exhibit functional properties when they are enriched with complexes of biologically active substances contained in the additives, which are obtained on the basis of natural plant and animal raw materials. The aim of the research was the development of biotechnological approaches to the creation of soy-meat and soy-liver composites of a functional orientation. According to the goal, biotechnological approaches to the creation of biocomposites based on soy dietary supplements, meat and liver raw materials have been substantiated. The rational value of the mass fraction of soy dietary supplements in the accepted binary compositions is up to 50 %. The structural, mechanical and technological characteristics of wet binary composites have been determined. It was estimated that the water-binding capacity of these minced binary compositions was within 94,0-95,5 %, with the duration of simultaneous mixing of the components of grounded meat within 480-520 seconds. Analysis of the biochemical indicators of composition showed that soy-meat and soy-liver concentrates are rich in protein within 52,3-58,0 %, vitamin E - 11,3-12,1 mg/100 g, and soy-liver concentrate contains significant amounts of vitamin A and beta-carotene. The possibility and relevance of their use in food concentrates of semi-finished pastry products was proved. Analysis of the biochemical indicators of the composition of the baking mixture for pancake enriched with soy-meat and soy-liver concentrates in the amount of 15% of the total mass of flour in the recipe indicates an increase of protein value in the control sample from 10,0 g up to 18,1 g and 17,2 g, fat - from 2,2 g to 3,6-3,7 g and vitamin E - from 1,4 mg to 2,9 and 3,0 mg/100 g in the developments corresponding to the options № 1 and № 2.


Nutritional and biological value, vitamins, composition, structural and mechanical properties, dietary supplements, composites, soy-meat, soy-liver, concentrates

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IDR: 147234343   |   DOI: 10.14529/food210206

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