Images of St. Anthony the Great in the works of artists of Northern Europe of the XVI-XVII centuries on the material of the GOSNIIR expertise research department

Автор: Skorokhod Alexander Alexandrovich

Журнал: Культурологический журнал @cr-journal

Рубрика: Прикладная культурология

Статья в выпуске: 4 (46), 2021 года.

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The expertise department of the State Research Institute for Restoration has many years of experience in expertise and study of the paintings by artists of Northern Europe. Among them a number of works with an image of St. Anthony the Great was revealed. The article is devoted to the study of three images of St. Anthony of the XVI and XVII centuries, which were studied in the expertise research department.

Art, artists of northern europe, expertise, st. anthony the great

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IDR: 170191531   |   DOI: 10.34685/HI.2021.81.47.030

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