Moscow international symposia on solar system research (10M-S3 and 11M-S3) reports review. Part 1. Mars exploration

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A review of the reports of the last two Moscow International Symposia on Solar System Research has been completed. In the first part of the review, 43 reports of the main session of the «Mars» section are considered. The works of leading experts in the field of planetary science cover a wide range of scientific and applied problems - from the study of the geological history and climate of Mars, the search for traces of life and subsurface water reserves, to new technologies in planetary research, mission planning, as well as monitoring solar activity and radiation conditions in the interplanetary space, orbit and the surface of Mars. The data obtained in the last two decades has made it possible to significantly advance in understanding the nature of Mars, but many unresolved questions remain regarding the climate in the early era, the existence of the Martian oceans in the past, biological and geological activity. The scientific results obtained by unmanned spacecraft should be fully taken into account in the development of manned deep space exploration programs.


Solar system, planetology, international symposium, deep space, automatic interplanetary stations, mars, moon, reports review

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IDR: 143178162   |   DOI: 10.33950/spacetech-2308-7625-2021-4-114-136

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