The review of the existing standards of pricing on technical inspection of buildings and structures

Автор: Sudar Olga Yurievna, Ulybin Aleksey Vladimirovich, Kukushkina Galina Andreevna

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There is a large number of standards of pricing for technical inspection of buildings and structures now. At pricing for carrying out prospecting works experts use collections. In this article the analysis of contents of several collections of the prices is made for establishment of the reason of dispersion of costs of the works determined by different budget standards. The order of determination of cost of inspection is considered. Comparison of values of the correcting coefficients complicating performance of work and also quotations on tool measurements in various reference books is executed. By results of the analysis of standards the conclusion is drawn on need of development of the uniform collection for determination of cost of inspection.


Pricing, collection of the base prices, estimated cost, inspection of buildings and structures, design and exploration work

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